Practice Areas


The following is a list of the most common types of legal services we provide to our clients, as well as the most common legal issues we have addressed for our clients. We have also addressed many other tax and legal issues for our clients, so please contact us to discuss our experience and ability to help with other issues not identified below.

Our clients range from small, newly incorporated, startup nonprofits to large, well-established, well-known organizations with multi-million dollar budgets and global presence. We take care and pride in carefully tailoring the types of legal services we provide for a particular client to the needs of that client. For some clients, we act as outside general counsel or outside federal tax counsel (or both), addressing the full range of legal or tax issues that the organization is confronted with in the course of furthering its nonprofit mission.

For other clients, we handle discrete legal issues when our specialized knowledge or experience is needed to supplement the organization’s executive team.

Finally, for many clients, our principal role is to provide the experience and substantive knowledge needed to guide them through voluntary disclosure, criminal investigations, or state or federal court action. Whatever a client’s need is with various legal issues that growing religious nonprofit organization’s face in today’s legal climate, The Church Law Group is here to assist.

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