Employment Laws | Why They Matter to a Church

Although churches and other religious organizations are not thought of as businesses, they still need to think about employment legal matters. Employment laws come into play when hiring employees, classifying employees, compensating employees, terminating employees, engaging private contractors, establishing payroll, and even recruiting volunteers. There is one absolute certainty in employment law – every employee […]

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Creating or Revising Governing Documents | How an Attorney can Help

A church, like any organization, will require structure and a way to manage its creation and operation. This is accomplished primarily through its governing documents. Governing documents typically consist of an organization’s certificate of formation (or “articles of incorporation”) that explain how the organization is formed and its bylaws which outline the rules of how […]

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HIGHLIGHTS AND CONSIDERATIONS OF REQUIREMENTS AND APPLICABILITY TO RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS By Samantha Burns and Matt Anthony Current Status of the ETS The Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) was published in the Federal Register on November 5, 2021 (effective date). On November 6, 2021, the Fifth Circuit Court issued a Stay Order blocking the enforcement and implementation […]

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Church Law Group’s Recommended Best Practices to Prepare for the New Year

Church Law Group’s Recommended Best Practices to Prepare for the New Year By: Kristina Denapolis West and J. Matthew Anthony  With the conclusion of yet another year, many clients need a gentle reminder their business affairs need to be wrapped up along with the presents under the Christmas tree. Don’t let the excitement of the […]

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3 Legal Risks Churches Face

Operating a church comes with its fair share of legal challenges and risks. There are several potential church legal issues that can arise in any religious organization. Attorneys experienced in this specific area of law, can help protect a church’s interests and avoid lengthy and expensive legal battles so churches can focus on their important […]

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5 Reasons Why a Church Needs a Lawyer

Considering that churches are designed for spiritual nourishment and growth, it can be hard to imagine why a church may need an attorney. However, there are many legal aspects involved in religious organizations. While most churches start out small, they grow in size, adding property, buildings, schools and other community services. That means in many […]

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