Hoboken Grace- Hoboken, NJ, Album Release

Night had already come, but the streetlights stayed dark. Hurricane Sandy had hit just the week before, and Hoboken was only starting to recover. So it was dark when Dana got into her car to pick up her husband. And it stayed dark as her car idled in miles of traffic, going nowhere. As she often did when she was alone in the car, Dana began to hum. And as she hummed, she looked around the city, at the literal destruction surrounding her, and thought about the times in her life when everything seemed to fall apart and she had no idea where to go next. Then the words came: When the lights go out, when my heart gets loud, when I cannot see in the dark. You will be my eyes, you will guide me home for you know my heart. Over time, those first few words evolved into a song. They eventually became key lyrics in the title song to Hoboken Grace’s first album, “Out of the Dark…” http://hobokengrace.com/blog/album-years-making/

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