Alex ‘Sungjong’ Rhee

Alex ‘Sungjong’ Rhee received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Baylor Law School. His professional background revolves around civil litigation, where he represented clients in courts throughout Texas. His expertise extends beyond litigation, as he offers invaluable guidance to clients on matters concerning the operation of churches and non-profit organizations.

Before joining Anthony | Kennedy, PLLC, Mr. Rhee gained diverse experience across various legal disciplines. He skillfully represented clients in immigration matters, advocating for their rights and navigating complex legal processes. He also provided assistance to victims of personal injury demonstrating his commitment to seeking justice on their behalf. Mr. Rhee also handled real estate and business matters, providing representation to those who had suffered wrongdoing.

During his leisure time, Mr. Rhee enjoys participating in church activities, basketball, and cherishing moments spent with his wife. Mr. Rhee speaks Korean fluently.

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