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When can .CHURCH domain names be registered?

One of frequently asked questions is: “when can I get a .CHURCH domain name?” 

Now there’s an answer for that! For the .CHURCH TLD (top-level domain), ICANN has recently made known these registration dates:

  • Sunrise Period: 08 July 2014 to 06 September 2014

The sunrise period dates indicate when .CHURCH domain names can be first registered, but only by those organizations that have a trademark name that is registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) prior to the sunrise period. For more information, go to

For the majority of churches that do not have trademarks, there are 2 other important dates regarding when .CHURCH domain names can be first registered:

Early Access Program (10-Sep-2014 to 16-Sep-2014)

General Availability (with standard pricing) opens on 17-Sep-2014

Why all these dates are important is because domain registrations are first-come first-served. The annual registration fees are not yet known and those fees will vary from registrar to registrar.

We here at the Church Law Group have always advocated for our church clients to obtain federally registered trademarks, for several reasons; and now here is another – the “Early Access Program” to register a .CHURCH domain name requires the existence of a valid, federally registered trademark to take advantage of the program.  Contact us with any questions related to this or any other questions you might have, we’re always glad to help!

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