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Jesus said a wise man builds his house on a foundation of rock. That way, when the rain falls, and the floods come, and the winds blow and beat on the house, it will not fall, because it is founded on solid ground. From a legal perspective, a religious nonprofit organization, the “house,” rests upon the quality of its foundation, the governance and operational documents.

Why are proper corporate governance documents so important? Because a religious nonprofit is a legal entity whose conduct will be judged, in part, according to how it complies with its own governance and operational documents.

The Church Law Group works with its clients to create and modify corporate and operational documents that work to ensure their clients are protected from liability, while ensuring day-to-day operational flexibility.

Seven Questions about Your Church’s Organizational Governance:

  1. Is your organization incorporated? If not, why not?
  2. What are Articles of Incorporation and can you locate yours?
  3. What are Bylaws-Constitution and can you locate yours?
  4. Can Members, Officers and Directors be sued personally if they make a mistake?
  5. What is an Independent Compensation Committee, and why should you have one?
  6. Do you have a Conflict of Interest Policy? A Whistleblower Policy? The law requires you to.
  7. What happens if your organization is investigated by the IRS? By the State Attorney General?

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The Church Law Group wants to join your team in building the strongest foundation for your ministry. With the deep roots provided by efficient and effective legal counsel, your ministry can focus on growth and branching out to reach communities, neighborhoods and people.

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