Supreme Court takes up birth control cases

Lawyers for Hobby Lobby asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, November 25, 2013 to take up the company’s lawsuit against the federal health care law’s requirement that coverage include access to the morning-after pill. Lawyers for the Oklahoma City-based craft store chain and its sister company, Mardel Christian bookstore, asked the U.S. Supreme Court [...]

Housing Allowance: Are You Ready For 2014?

A CLG Brief Analysis on the Federal Court’s Recent Ruling that Clergy Housing Allowance is Unconstitutional

On Friday, November 22, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Barbara B. Crabb of the Western District of Wisconsin ruled Section 107(2) of the Internal Revenue Code (clergy tax-free housing allowance) unconstitutional.  Judge Crabb is also known for ruling the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional in 2010.  That ruling was unanimously dismissed by the Appeals Court.  [...]

The Pastor’s Study

QUESTION:  Are there charitable organizations that can be tax-exempt without having to file an application for recognition of tax exemption? ANSWER:  Yes.  The following charitable organizations can be tax-exempt without having to file an application for recognition of tax exemption: (1) churches (including synagogues and mosques), interchurch organizations, local units of a church, conventions and associations of [...]

Pastoral Compensation

The Pastor’s Study

QUESTION:  How does a nonprofit organization control a subsidiary? ANSWER:  It depends on whether the subsidiary is a nonprofit or for-profit entity.  If the subsidiary is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, the control is likely to be manifested by an interlocking directorship or, as it is more commonly called, overlapping boards.  There are several models of this [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Passes Workplace Gay Rights Bill With Bipartisan Support

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate approved a gay rights bill to ban workplace discrimination based on sexual preference or gender identity.  The bill applies to work sites with more than 15 employees. Currently, federal laws ban employer discrimination based on race, color, sex, nationality, religion, age and disability. Under the bill, religious organizations and the [...]

Is fraud possible at any organization?

Even the largest of nonprofits are not immune from the occurrence of fraud, embezzlement or the misuse of funds.  A 2012 study by Marquet International, a Boston-based security firm that conducts an annual study of white-collar fraud, concluded that nonprofits and religious organizations accounted for one-sixth of major embezzlements, placing second only to the financial-services industry.  [...]

Board Member Compensation

The Pastor’s Study

QUESTION:  Why would a tax-exempt organization establish a subsidiary? ANSWER:  Part of the answer to this question depends on whether the subsidiary is a tax-exempt organization or a for-profit organization.  In general, the principal reason a tax-exempt organization will establish a subsidiary is to house in another organization one or more activities that the parent organization either [...]

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